Tapdata Cloud 3.5.5 Release Notes
Nov 10,2023

New Features

① Added support for creating distributed tables when using MongoDB as a target.
② Added support for disabling node functionality in tasks.
③ Data transformation tasks now include an ‘unwind’ processing node.

Feature Enhancements

① Enhanced table selection for copying tasks with quick filtering for tables with and without primary keys. Added support for non-primary key tables with unique indexes.
② Unified and optimized handling of abnormal display issues for operation buttons in the engine interface.
③ Added a DEMO data source in the onboarding process, enabling users to use it directly.

Issue Fixes

① Fixed the issue where MongoDB as a target would result in an error during insert operations when no shard key was present.
② Fixed the problem with MongoDB’s lack of support for ‘replace,’ making deleted fields undeletable.


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