A Data as a Service platform powered by MongoDB and Elastic Search

Collect, sync, and service, we help organization to build an operational data platform for data development and consumption.

Why Tapdata

RDBMS - NoSQL Replication

Building applications in MongoDB but core data is in Oracle or using MongoDB as a cache layer? Tapdata can replicate data from Oracle, SQLServer, Sybase, DB2, MySQL etc to MongoDB or Elastic in real time.

Instant API

Build API Service without coding, in a matter of a few minutes. Better yet, with all the needed access control.

Move To Cloud

Turnkey solution for your cloudification strategy. Help you to service your data in the cloud.

NoSQL Data Governance

Provide solution for your data catalog, data governance, data quality needs that work with your NoSQL databbase.

DaaS Platform

One data and One service platform to greatly accelerate your application development.

TB/PB Scale Data Solution

Consolidate the entire of your master data and transactional data, in one platform to provide best user experience.


Tapdata Replicator

  • CDC tool specializes in RDBMS to MongoDB or MongoDB to MongoDB
  • Real time data replication

Tapdata API Server

  • An API solution with API Designer
  • Access management
  • API Server and API monitoring


  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Governance
  • Data Storage
  • Data Service


Real Time CDC

Capture data change in source database and apply to destination within milliseoncds latency.


MongoDB to MongoDB
Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, Sybase, DB2 to MongoDB
Excel, CSV, XML and more to MongoDB
Many to one, one to many
Online and offline
Unidirectional or Bidirectional

Relational to JSON

Automatically map relational model to JSON during the replication.

Data Quality

Define your data rules and start monitoring and analyzing the quality of the ingested data.

Codeless API Designer

Using GUI to configure and generate API backend, complete with API documentation and test portal, based on popular Loopback.

API Management

Load balancing, Resiliency, API Consumption and Traffic Management.

Multi-Structured Data

Support structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

Metadata Management

Auto discover and classifications of ingested data, data lineage.

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