Real Time Data Hub

The revolutionary data platform for your operational use cases

There are many data lakes and warehouse solutions for analytics. For operational use cases that require real time data, TapData is your choice.


Unlock the full potential of real-time data with a centralized data store that is within a moments' reach.


Why TapData real-time data hub

Enables real-time collection and synchronization of the latest data changes from diverse sources, such as databases, APIs, and messaging queues

Transform & enrich the data model within the data pipeline before writing to target, no need to resolve to Flink or another streaming product.

"Write at least once" guarantee and incremental data validation ensure data integrity and consistency. The data is not only fresh but also in sync with the source databases.

Effortlessly publish RESTful or GraphQL APIs from data hub with configuration only, granular query parameter selection and permission control.

TapData, with a global user base exceeding 3700+ agent deployments, caters to diverse data management needs across industries such as finance, retail, manufacturing, education, AI, and healthcare.

Key Capabilities

Ready out of the box

TapData was built with consideration for both Cloud and On-Premises deployment. As a managed service, getting started with TapData is effortless — requiring only the registration of an account and some connection configuration to your data sources and targets.

No-code or low code experience.

Take control of your enterprise data with minimal configuration, maintenance, and zero code. No need for coding or even SQL to write the transformation rules. Just drag and drop to get it done.

Automatic Schema Conversion.

Save countless hours as TapData maps data to the target database automatically.

High data consistency with real-time validation support

TapData ensures high data consistency between the target and source through a variety of proprietary technologies, and supports various methods of validation to meet production requirements.

Enterprise-grade security

TapData ensures top-tier data security through a robust set of measures, including end-to-end encryption, data anonymization displays, and comprehensive user activity auditing, as well as visual task monitoring, enhancing transparency and control over your data operations.

Guaranteed data consistency

Use TapData’s built-in data validation services and checkpointing system to ensure consistency across all your databases.

60+ built-in connectors and counting

TapData already supports the majority of mainstream databases and types, including commercial databases, open-source databases, SaaS platform data sources, and allows for custom data sources.

Flexible pricing options, scalable on demand

TapData offers Enterprise, Cloud and Community editions to meet the different needs of businesses. It can also scale horizontally based on data pipelines or nodes.

Powerful reusability capability

Eliminate costly duplication of data silos and resyncs and minimize production impact with TapData's "connect once, service many use cases" concept.

Building your data platorm in minutes

60+ Built-in CDC connectors & SaaS connectors with RESTful API's

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We don’t just claim to be a highly secure platform. We’ve proven it.

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Unlock insights, ideas, and productivity with real-time data

Replace broken pipelines, unify data silos with TapData today.