Unlocking Data: Accessible, Usable, Manageable, Valuable.

Connecting Legacy to Modern

About TapData

TapData is a Real Time Data Pipelines & Data Hub Product, which is available in cloud, on-prem as well as in open source community version.

When used as a data pipeline tool, it enables sub-second latency replication between 100+ data sources & targets, especially from Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB etc.

When used as a data hub, it syncs data from any data sources into a centralized data platform, powered by MongoDB/Atlas, to enable downstream applications to access up-to-date data from a single location.

Our Vision

Built upon fully automated real-time data integration capabilities, we aspire to seamlessly connect and consolidate enterprise data silos, serving as the central data infrastructure and delivering comprehensive, accurate, and timely data support for businesses embracing data-driven operations, known as "Warehouse Native" architecture.

Our Story

Make Your Data on Tap


"Whenever my friends and I visited restaurants or bars, we'd often inquire of the server: 'What's On Tap Today?' It was our way of seeking out the latest offerings in fresh, artisanal brews. There's something truly delightful about pulling that tap handle, watching the beer flow out, and taking that first sip – it's an experience brimming with freshness and yumminess, a simple pleasure I've cherished."


"When I worked as Principal Solutions Architect at MongoDB, I had the privilege of engaging with numerous industry clients. One common challenge they faced was the existence of disparate business systems, resulting in what we refer to as data silos. As these organizations sought to innovate and explore new business opportunities, they found themselves entangled in the complex and inefficient process of extracting and transforming data from various source databases, a process commonly known as ETL. It was during these encounters that a novel idea took root within me: what if we could bridge these isolated systems in a meaningful way, equipping each with its own 'tap'? Imagine, at your command, the ability to effortlessly access a continuous stream of data, much like turning on a faucet. This notion inspired the birth of tapdata – Make your data on tap. My earnest aspiration is that through our endeavors, we can furnish enterprises with a data platform that seamlessly connects these fragmented islands, empowering users to access their data with the same ease and freshness as enjoying a cold, freshly poured beer on a scorching summer day."

——TJ Tang, Founder & CEO of TapData