Tapdata Cloud 3.5.2 Release Notes
Oct 11,2023

New Features

① Added Python Processor Node, allowing users to process data using Python scripts (requires upgrading to the latest engine version).
② Introduced a “Contact Us” feature for easy access to Tapdata support when users encounter issues.
③ Added support for Redis-to-Redis synchronization capability.

Feature Enhancements:

① Enhanced error code functionality for data sources.
② When configuring email alert notifications and no email is bound, users will be guided to complete the email binding process.
③ Improved notifications for when the maximum task limit is reached, providing a quick access option to guide users in upgrading.


Tapdata is a low-latency data movement platform that offers real-time data integration and services. It provides 100+ built-in connectors, supporting both cloud and on-premises deployment, making it easy for businesses to connect with various sources. The platform also offers flexible billing options, giving users the freedom to choose the best plan for their needs.

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