TapData Real Time Data Pipelines Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace!

Feb 27, 2024

Real-time Data Synchronization for Instant Business Insights

TapData Real Time Data Pipelines is a cloud service dedicated to real-time data synchronization, specializing in modern databases. With support for over 60 built-in connectors, we enable instant synchronization of data from various sources such as relational databases, SaaS, and custom applications to modern databases like MongoDB, Elastic Search, Redis, Kafka, and data warehouses, typically achieving sub-second latency. Common use cases include single customer/order views, real-time dashboards, fraud detection, database replication, inventory, and logistics.

Fully Managed Services for Seamless Deployment

Our managed services are fully hosted, managed, and supported by the service providers. While you register with the service provider to use our services, all billing is handled by Google. This means you can focus on business growth without worrying about the complexities of deployment and management, significantly reducing your operational costs.

Google Cloud Marketplace: Easy Access to Services

By being available on Google Cloud Marketplace, TapData Real Time Data Pipelines can be easily discovered and subscribed to by global users. Without the hassle of intricate partnership agreements and technical support, you can enjoy our real-time data synchronization services. Additionally, Google Cloud Marketplace provides convenient billing management, allowing you to effortlessly manage costs.

Looking Forward

We believe that the launch of TapData Real Time Data Pipelines will provide global enterprises with a new experience in data management, enabling seamless data synchronization and providing robust support for business development. We look forward to collaborating with you to drive innovation and progress in the field of data management.

Thank you for your continued support and trust.