Tapdata Joins MongoDB Partner Ecosystem Catalog with Real-Time Data Integration Solutions

April 7, 2024
Recently, Tapdata has been added to the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem Catalog. This move is all about helping users find top-notch integrations and solutions from MongoDB partners. The selection of over 100 partners was made from a pool of thousands of collaborating enterprises. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing data integration for modern applications.
At Tapdata, we specialize in real-time data synchronization from Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) to MongoDB, empowering businesses to seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional and modern data architectures. Our cutting-edge solution supports array, sub-document, and table joins, ensuring the integrity and coherence of your data across platforms.
Key features of Tapdata include:
  1. Real-Time Data Replication: Leveraging Change Data Capture (CDC) technology, Tapdata ensures that changes in your RDBMS are instantly reflected in MongoDB, enabling up-to-date insights and analytics.
  1. Broad Connectivity: With over 60 built-in CDC connectors, including Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQLServer, Kafka, and more, Tapdata offers unparalleled conveniences in integrating diverse data sources into your MongoDB environment.
  1. MongoDB Compatibility: Tapdata seamlessly supports MongoDB array, sub-document, and in array update features, preserving the richness of your data structures throughout the replication process.
  1. Relational Migration: Tapdata goes beyond simple replication by enabling the import of MongoDB Relational Migrator files, transforming them into dynamic data replication pipelines with ease. You can use Relational Migrator for full sync then switch to Tapdata for incremental sync.
By joining forces with MongoDB, Tapdata reinforces its commitment to empowering businesses with robust, efficient, and scalable data integration solutions. Together, we aim to accelerate the adoption of MongoDB as the preferred database platform for modern applications, while enabling organizations to leverage the full potential of their existing data infrastructure.
"We are excited to collaborate with MongoDB and become part of their esteemed Partner Ecosystem Catalog," said TJ, Founder & CEO of Tapdata. "This partnership underscores our shared vision of enabling organizations to harness the power of their data seamlessly and efficiently. With Tapdata's advanced data integration capabilities and MongoDB's innovative platform, we look forward to driving greater value for our mutual customers."
As we embark on this journey as a MongoDB partner, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and support to our customers. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of data integration, empowering businesses to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world.
To learn more about Tapdata and our integration solutions for MongoDB, visit tapdata.io.

About Tapdata:

Tapdata is a leading provider of real-time data integration solutions, specializing in bridging the gap between relational databases and MongoDB. Our comprehensive platform empowers businesses to synchronize, transform, and analyze data with ease, enabling them to unlock new insights and drive innovation.
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About MongoDB Partner Ecosystem Catalog:

The MongoDB Partner Ecosystem Catalog serves as a comprehensive resource for discovering integrations and solutions from MongoDB partners. From data integration and analytics to security and cloud services, the catalog showcases a diverse range of offerings designed to enhance the MongoDB ecosystem and support the needs of modern applications.
For more information, visit MongoDB Partner Ecosystem Catalog.