TapData Cloud 3.4 Release Notes

Sep 08, 2023

New Features:

① Guided task creation based on the Data Panel.
② Added a new Dashboard page.
③ Added support for DWS data source as a target.
④ Added an initialization guide for the Real-time Data Center.
⑤ Added domestic B2B payment method.

Feature Enhancements:

① Integration of data replication and Data Panel.
② Optimized payment confirmation page.
③ Improved and adjusted the process for creating calculation engines.
④ Enhanced data validation usability.
⑤ Implemented error codes for MongoDB data source.
⑥ Incremental delay indicator on the left side of the runtime monitoring page now uses the Y-axis for task incremental delay alert threshold.
⑦ Enhanced new user onboarding process, added offline deployment guide.
⑧ Improved presentation of sample data.

Resolved Issues:

① Fixed the issue where using custom SQL prompts unsupported MongoDB as a target.
② Fixed the problem where if the task’s automatic reset fails after enabling automatic periodic scheduling, it won’t attempt to reset again in the next running cycle and the task won’t be scheduled for execution.