Heterogeneous Database
Real-time replication and synchronization of heterogeneous data through Tapdata low-code visualization.
Let complex data integration be completed in minutes
through visual configuration.
Low code visual operation
Creating data sources and targets, as well as data transformation and processing, are all low-code visualization operations.
Almost no impact on the source library
Based on the self-developed CDC log analysis technology, data is collected in real time with zero intrusion and almost no impact on the source database.
Data consistency guarantee
Through a variety of self-developed technologies, the high consistency between the target data and the source data is guaranteed, and you can complete the consistency verification in various ways to ensure production requirements.
Tapdata is a low-latency data movement platform that offers real-time data integration and services. It provides 100+ built-in connectors, supporting both cloud and on-premises deployment, making it easy for businesses to connect with various sources. The platform also offers flexible billing options, giving users the freedom to choose the best plan for their needs.

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