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Tapdata Replicator

Tapdata API Server


Tapdata Replicator

Connect old with new

Specializes in NoSQL data migration.
Moving data from relational databases such as Oracle,SQLServer, Sybase, DB2 etc
to MongoDB or Elastic Search in real time.


Data Collection

Log based or JDBC based data replication

  • GUI assisted job design, simple and intuitive
  • Real time progress monitoring
  • Resumable from break point when interrupted

Model Transformation

Visual editor makes complex model transformation easy

  • Automatically recommend target data model based on source schema
  • Manually adjust the data model in visual editor
  • Data model preview functionality

Application Scenario

Oracle MongoDB Replication

  • Building new application on top of MongoDB
  • Existing system continuously running on Oracle
  • Tapdata Replicator syncs the write operation from Oracle to the MongoDB

Single View

  • Complete view of the customer or product
  • Retrieve data from multiple disparate data source
  • consolidate into one single data repostiroy to provide fast read access

Application Acceleration

  • RDBMS unable to scale to meet the growing performance requirements
  • MongoDB provides in memory performance and scalability
  • Using MongoDB as cache layer for application and Tapdata helps with the data sync

Tapdata Replicator Features

Sync in Real-time No Delay

Based on database log files, agent-less;
sync DML & DLL operations in seconds

Data Consistency Guarantee

Automatic data verification between source and target

Horizontally Scalable

100K/s throughput single node, scalable to multiple nodes


From RDBMS to MongoDB and from MongoDB to RDBMS

Tapdata API Server

Data API Generation and Management

Create a comprehensive API solution with TapAPI, including API GUI design, deployment, monitoring and analysis

Reduce Your Development Time by up to 80%

  • Sophisticated permission model
  • Row level and column level access control
  • OAuth integration
  • Build your API ready backend with a fraction of the time

Tapdata API Server Components

Tapdata API Server Features

GUI API Designer

Codeless API design with GUI assistant

Documentation and Test

Automatic Documentation
and Test

Real Time Monitoring

API usage and stats. Who used what and how frequent

Scale out on demand

Horizontal scale architecture based on microservices


Data as a Service is a key service offering , modern data solutions

A scalable and flexible, service oriented operational data platform powered by MongoDB.

DaaS, a real-time data service platform

TapDaaS is an operational data platform designed for modern enterprise to speed up their digital transformation journey, by providing a solution to collect, organize and enrich, store then service the data in an easy and friendly manner.

It offers four major functional areas: Data collect and sync, data transformation and governance, metadata management, data service.

TapDaaS Architecture