About China Eastern Air

With a network of 1,074 destinations in 177 countries, the annual passenger traffic exceeds 110 million, ranking seventh in the world.


On the original OD system, China Eastern Airlines built its own front-end management system and needed data preparation.

The original data plan is synchronized from Oracle to the Cassandra database.


  • Oracle’s data synchronization is not real-time, there is data lag problem, affecting some real-time application scenarios
  • The Cassandra database model is difficult to understand, and engineers are difficult to learn.
  • Cassandra only supports KeyValue, does not support secondary index, and limits the usage scenario.
  • The structure is more complicated, lacks effective management tools and corresponding technical reserves.
  • The data synchronization time is longer and takes 9 hours. Can only complete the T+1 scene.

Case Scenario: Oracle to MongoDB Heterogeneous Synchronization

Product: Tapdata Replicator

Key Results

  • Implement T+0 real-time business scenarios.
  • Initial sync speed >= 10,000 records per second.
  • Real-time incremental synchronization >= 500 updates per second.
  • Real-time incremental synchronization data latency <= 15 seconds.

Product Advantage

  • Oracle to MongoDB synchronization capabilities
  • Real-time incremental synchronization with a delay of no more than 15 seconds.
  • Multi-table to JSON model processing capability
  • Breakpoint resuming ability.
  • After the OD interface is modified, data changes can be immediately queried in the MongoDB database.
  • Provide hourly synchronization log files to record global changes to the data.