Connect Silos Once
Serve All Use Cases
Effortlessly build your real time Data Integration platform & Data as a Service platform.
In Cloud, or On Prem.
How It Works?
Connect Your Data Sources
Simply provide connection details for one of the 60+ databases, SaaS, or file systems, Tapdata will establish connection, collect and monitor the source schema
Select desired source data and sync to Tapdata Cloud
Our built-in real time replication pipeline will keep data in sync with your source, typically within seconds. We store your data securely in a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster
Transform, merge, materialize and organize
Create curated data models from cached data if needed. For instance, you may want to combine customers from multiple CRM systems, or create a materialized view to denormlize data model. You may also want to organize the data models with a built-in data catalog.
Let's turn data into value!
You can publish RESTful or GraphQL API to your applications You can sync your models to Elastic or Redis for speedy queries Or create BI Dashboards Or sync to cloud warehouse for AI or Analytics
Why Choose Tapdata
Real time data capture & sync, data freshness guaranteed
Tapdata focuses on log-based real-time data integration solutions. By adapting various relational and non-relational databases one by one, it can realize real-time incremental event analysis with a delay of seconds and a performance of tens of thousands of levels. The delay is low and almost There is no intrusion into the source database. Tapdata has completed the collection and application of table structure changes (DDL) for common database types, ensuring that the data source and target are consistent in real time in terms of structure and data
Flexible & Adaptive Schema, Multi-source data consolidation in a snap
Using the JSON model of the dynamic schema as the middle platform storage, the data import can be completed quickly without having to build a table in advance. When multi-source data is aggregated, for the same type of data from different sources and different structures, the model can be quickly merged without complex model design, which greatly improves the efficiency of data warehousing.
Low Code / No Code Pipeline Development & Transformation
For data filtering, cleaning, merging, supplementation, calculation, etc., Tapdata provides a drag-and-drop method to complete most of the data processing work. At the same time, it also supports users to use Javascript custom components, or directly use Javascript UDF for testing.
Flexible Architecture, Use as Data Integration(Without Storage) or Data Service(With Storage)
Tapdata uses an intermediate database that can be used as an arbitrary heterogeneous database to implement data services.
Lower Cost, Free-For-Ever tier Available
Tapdata provides Enterprise offline deployment version and Cloud version for commercial use by large and medium-sized enterprises, and also provides OpenSource and Cloud free versions for small businesses to use permanently and free of charge.
End to End Real Time Pipeline
From source to target, data is collected, processed and sync-ed with sub-second latency.
Real Time Data Capture & Transmit
• Support 60+ data types
• Sub-second low transmission delay
• Millisecond-level synchronization delay management
• Incremental verification
Real Time Data Processing
• Data processing
• Merge, clean up, deduplicate
• GUI Drag & Drop or Custom UDF
Real Time Data API Services
• Release API without code
• Supports common relational databases and non-relational data sources
Real Time Data as a Service , The Best Approach to Enterprise Data Integration
Enterprise data integration architecture has evolved from Point-to-Point to ESB, then from Kafka ETL to Data as a Service. Do one last ETL, then reuse curated data from a centralized location, with unified access control, is the most efficient and cost-effective way to share data.
Long Development Cycle
Low Efficiency, and High Operation and Maintenance Costs
Significantly fewer data links for easier management and troubleshooting
Product Comparison

  Tapdata Fivetran Airbye
Positioning Data Integration + Centralized Caching Data Integration Data Integration
Distribution Cloud, On-Prem, Community Cloud Only Cloud, BYOC, Community
Pricing Mode By cores – Most Predictable! By row of data By row or by data volume
Forever Free Tier YES NO NO
Custom Development YES
$1000 per Connector
Not supported Build by yourself
Data lntegrations YES YES YES
Data Services YES NO NO
Data Latency 1-3 Seconds 15 Min
Materialized View YES NO NO
Intuitive User Interface, Low Code Drag & Drop,
Comprehensive Data Validation & Monitoring, A Modern Data Development Experience
User Testimony
Industry Leaders Are All Using Tapdata
Some Noteworthy Resources
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Tapdata is a low-latency data movement platform that offers real-time data integration and services. It provides 100+ built-in connectors, supporting both cloud and on-premises deployment, making it easy for businesses to connect with various sources. The platform also offers flexible billing options, giving users the freedom to choose the best plan for their needs.

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