Visually build an enterprise
real-time data service platform
in a very short time
Tapdata LDP is a data-as-a-service platform with real-time data replication capabilities. It quickly connects enterprise data islands in a code-free manner, integrates data into the central data platform in real time, and forms reusable data models and APIs for multiple downstream Interactive applications provide always fresh data.
Tapdata LDP is a platform product
for data services
From data collection, transmission, calculation to centralized storage, end to end real time pipeline, and the internal and external data islands of the enterprise are efficiently opened up,
and the real-time delivery/management and reusability of enterprise master data are completed.
Tapdata LDP is a platform product for data services
Real time data collection and transmission Based on the ability of log parsing, the open framework Plugin Framework is used to collect and standardize the modified/updated/changed data from these data sources in real-time and other ways, forming a standard time before entering the stream processing framework;
Real time calculation of data Through the Tapdata self-developed solution, data calculation, modeling, and transformation can be completed within the process without leaving the process, quickly obtaining results, and entering the DaaS storage layer
Centralized storage When placing data into the storage layer, the original model structure can be retained, or standard data models can be constructed based on the industry attributes of the enterprise, such as products, customers, orders, etc.
Real time data service At the service layer, there are two mainstream data service modes: Pull and Push. The API supports low code publishing and can publish data according to specific needs. When the required data is already stored in the business system, the data from the middle console can be pushed back to the user through the REVERSE ETL method.
60+ Data Source and Target Support
Tapdata supports a wide range of commonly used data sources and data targets in the market, including relational databases,NoSQL databases, cloud databases, SaaS systems, and files.
Product Features
Real time collection:
Database real-time collection based on CDC
• Sub-second latency
• High performance
• Low impact to source systems
Real time collection:
SaaS real-time collection based on Webhook
Tapdata provides a self-developed cloud based high availability Reliable Service for SaaS sources, ensuring that while cloud based services remain online, source events are not lost, ensuring the reliability of real-time data links.
Visual data processing
• Visualization of common data processing capabilities completed
• Model preview capability
Powerful and easy-to-use UDF
• Simple and easy-to-use Javascript
• Powerful support for library functions
• Support for custom function libraries
Bring Your Own Storage
• The underlying storage uses a distributed high-performance MongoDB database cluster by default
• Horizontal scaling, high availability, low latency, and high concurrency access
• Support the use of your own database storage to maximize data security
Automatically generate and publish APIs
• One minute configuration to quickly generate and publish RESTful or GraphQL APIs
• Automatically generate API documents and test interfaces
• API access permissions and access statistics
• Supports direct publishing on Oracle/MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLServer and MongoDB
• CSV can be directly downloaded
Accurate delay detection and data delay alarm
• Accurately detect data latency between data sources and data platforms through continuous management
• Accuracy can reach 100ms level
• Delay alarms can be set for critical applications
Incremental real-time data verification
• Accurate detection of delay through temporary table counting
• Redefining data validation using standard intermediate structures
Automatic DDL processing
Tapdata has completed the collection and application of Table Structure Change (DDL) for common database types. It can automatically transform the DDL that occurs in the source library without stopping the synchronization task, and accurately apply it to the target library in real time, ensuring that both the source and target can maintain real-time consistency in structure and data.
Success Case
Are you ready?
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Tapdata is a low-latency data movement platform that offers real-time data integration and services. It provides 100+ built-in connectors, supporting both cloud and on-premises deployment, making it easy for businesses to connect with various sources. The platform also offers flexible billing options, giving users the freedom to choose the best plan for their needs.

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